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The Only American Educated and American Board Certified Orthodontist/TMJ Specialist in Jordan.
Amman - Jordan

Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

What our patients have to say!

"AMAZING! With no bite, a crowded mouth, and a weird jaw alignment, I walked into Dr. Zaha’s office looking for as quick of a fix as possible. While at the time it seemed long, (I was just starting my Junior year of high school) I realized how wonderful of a transformation the process created. A year and a half later the braces are off, my teeth are straight, and I often do a double take when looking into the mirror.😁 Thank you so much Dr. Zaha for the amazing smile!"

Jeremy Boyd

"I can confidently say the experts at this centre have done wonders for my smile. Dr. Zaha's incredible orthodontic treatment, especially with a case as difficult as mine was incredible. I am always receiving compliments on my smile from absolute strangers - including other orthodontists, and I am proud to say it is all thanks to Dr. Zaha's wonderful knowledge, and holistic treatment. Ever since I first entered this clinic, I refuse to go anywhere else for any of my dental needs. They have removed my wisdom teeth, provided whitening treatment, and regular teeth cleanings. No matter where in the world I am, no service comes close to the professionalism and quality I have received here. I cannot thank you enough."

Leen A

I was thrilled to have found a US-trained, highly-respected orthodontist for my children. In fact, two major considerations for accepting the posting in Jordan depended on the quality of the schools and orthodontic care for my two pre-teen children. My son required extensive care, including dental implants. Through every step and stage of their cases, Dr. Zaha was always professional and informed us of the plan of action we would take to correct their teeth. I knew that my children were in good, competent hands with Dr. Zaha. Both of my children are now walking advertisements for Dr. Zaha’s Dental Center. They look fantastic! Thank you Dr. Zaha!!

Mrs. Smith, mother of Avery and Amelia

"Dr. Zaha Amarin is a genuine, kind hearted, and loving person! She is the reason I am so confident when I smile. All my siblings got their teeth adjusted at her clinic and were more than happy with the results. I appreciate the hard work and effort she puts in her patients, and the friendly face she keeps on. I feel very comfortable going to her clinic due to its clean and friendly environment."

It’s Mounia

"Dr Zaha has absolutely transformed my smile! Having needed braces for a second time, I was in the best hands with Dr Zaha to correct my teeth. Not only is she American Board Certified, but she is dedicated and committed from start to finish and does all the work herself rather than "share" the work with other dentists. I could not be happier with my results - Dr Zaha has definitely given me a lot to smile about!"

Dahlia Roque

"The team at Dr. Zaha Amarin’s Orthodontic Center is truly a professional one. You will receive top notch treatment with a smile and a caring touch, and you can’t help leaving with a smile on your face! I have to add that every time Dr. Zaha works on my teeth, I am impressed by her gentle and calm demeanor and the delicate touch she has. She works on teeth like an artist creating a masterpiece and carefully designs the right look for you. I highly recommend this orthodontic center for your family, especially for your kids. You won’t regret it."

Julie Rihani